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Commercial photography is an important means by which companies communicate their personality, uniqueness, and their level of professionalism to their customers through images that help the viewer understand what the company does and what they represent. The use of professional commercial photos can help catapult your company’s image and gain more market share over your competitors.

No matter what line of business you are in professional commercial photography is very important to use on: your website, magazine and newspaper ads, social media posts, and blog articles. The quality of the images companies use is what most people use to formulate their perception of your business. According to a study posted by the BBC website, visual information can be responsible for as much as 87% of a consumer’s retention concerning any brand.

At C41 Photography we know that good marketing photos are likely to engage your audience and are more powerful than the use of text, especially if the images are directed to your specific audience. We plan and design each commercial project to focus on key areas to ensure the viewer understands your brand identity and what your company offers. We do this by planning in detail the images we will create for you to portray your company’s style and tell a relevant story with images that fit your brand.

Tips to consider when planning and budgeting for professional photos:

  1. How much is your brand worth? Just as you would budget for equipment or employee expenses you should budget for professional photos. Rates can vary from $500-$2500 depending on the scope of work. The investment over the long term makes it a minimal expense due to the amount of usage you will get from the correct professional photos.
  2. Hire an expert. There are several photographers, but few that specialize in commercial photography or that have the correct equipment and lighting to create impactful photos of your company.
  3. Avoid using stock images. Although the ease of using stock photos may seem appealing they often don’t connect with your brand. The good stock photos are often more expensive than hiring a professional photographer that can create unique images that represent solely your company.

Remember, you only get one chance to engage a first time viewer, so make sure you invest in professional photography for your company with an experienced photographer. We’d love to help create imagery that helps your company engage its audience stand out amongst your competitors.

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